Sumobox TM

Introducing Sumobox TM

We know how difficult it is to buy quality Japanese ingredients. The first problem is finding an Asian grocery store near you. Then you have to navigate the aisles – all those products with no English labels! Then when you’ve found what you’re looking for, there’s 10 different brands! Which to choose?!

We want to take the trouble out of finding and buying quality Japanese ingredients by introducing Sumobox™.

7 ingredients in every Sumobox TM


Almost every Japanese dish is based upon a handful of set ingredients. Have these in your pantry and be prepared to cook the dishes found on Sumokitchen, and almost every other popular Japanese dish.


Don’t waste your time struggling to find Japanese ingredients. Does your neighbourhood even have an Asian supermarket? Never mind! Order a Sumobox direct to your door and save your time for the cooking!


The ingredients in a Sumobox™ have been hand picked by me, your chef at Sumokitchen. I have tried every Japanese brand in each of ingredient category to find the most delicious, nutritious and affordable ingredients.


All ingredients are non-perishable and can be stored safely for over a year, making them cost effective. Buy now and always have them to hand. Save on the price of gas to the Asian supermarket by ordering direct to your door. Your time is money, so save both witha Sumobox™!

Sumobox TM Special Introductory Price

Currently we are only delivering the Sumobox™ within Australia.