About Photography

Here’s some information about the photography on Sumo Kitchen. Whilst I don’t think the photos are anything special in terms of styling and lighting, I still continue to receive sooo many emails about it.

The most common question by far is “what camera do you use?”

Asking someone what camera they used to create a photograph is akin to asking a chef what frying pan they used to cook a meal, but nevertheless, here’s some info for you!

I use the Fuji X-T2 (check out this Fuji XT-2 review) and a selection of Fuji lenses.

Despite having some great gear, I don’t consider my photos to be all that good, mainly due to the poor lighting! I take the photos in my kitchen which is lit with regular kitchen lighting which looks terrible in photos.

If I had a room with more natural light, I’d definitely use that for my pictures… and everything would look much better as a result!

I edit the photos in Lightroom using some of theseĀ Lightroom Tips I learned from reading. Normally I just brighten the exposure, crop and then sharpen on export.

If you have any other questions about the photography on Sumo Kitchen, leave me a comment!