5 Essential Tips for Japanese Cooking

Whilst Japanese cooking is a lot more simple than you might have otherwise thought, there are certain tips that will help you make your food even more delicious.

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1. Sa Shi Su Se So

For those who know Japanese, sa shi su se so is a line in one of the three Japanese alphabets. When it comes to Japanese cooking, this mnemonic is a way to remember the order to add ingredients.

SAto SHIo SU SEuya miSO

Sato / Saké = sugar / alcohol

Shio = salt

Su = (rice) vinegar

Seuya = soy sauce

Miso / Sauce

If for example, you are only using sugar and soy sauce, the order still remains. If you stick to this order, all your flavours will have a chance to become their richest. There are both practical reasons and chemical related reasons for this, and it is amazing how much a difference it will make to your cooking.

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